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Now a day’s digital writing boards are very popular and also it is the latest fashion in signage world. These are perfect for writing a message, making sign, symbols, and expression. Extremely useful for presentations, supermarket, showrooms, restaurants and clubs, family parties much more. These kinds of boards allow you to express yourself gracefully. With this, you can simply make your own neon signs including LED flashing lights and different fluorescent colors to display anywhere you want. Just write your desired message or customize any message from any occasion to business as well as you can also draw your favorite picture with full neon effect. It comes with 8 different fluorescent colors. You can use these multicolored lights as decorative light for parties and at the same time, it’s most impressive way to attract the attention of your customer, and visitor due to its unique glowing. Erasable LED writing boards are the latest in any commercial promotion and serve your market needs with changeable content. Basically, these boards are operating with LED which consumes less electricity and message can be erased easily. These boards are just like drawing paper so it’s easy to use and comes with remote control which allows you to change multicolored lights and flashing patterns by wirelessly. Suitable for all ages and also useful to anywhere such as useful for kids it allows them to get creative at home or you can make unique message board in your office.Quality Car Audio Inc. has big categories collection of writing boards which gives you a perfect writing surface including multicolored led backlight and comes with the wireless feature for multipurpose use. We have very attractive writing boards with multiple sizes, now communicate clearly with using the latest technology with the top brand like Pyle. Browse our online store to get best deals and big discount for all products. We also provide fast shipping and free delivery at your doorstep on right time!