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Using crossover it would be helpful to split audio frequencies into different bands and the signal may be distributed between loudspeaker systems with optimized speakers. Crossover is a device used to separate the bass frequency band so it may be routed to a subwoofer. When you are looking to upgrade your speaker, a variable sound equalizer helps you tune the system to accurate balance. Achieving right balance of sound it mostly difficult but we offer best crossover DJ equipment to make getting back up and sounding great as fast as possible, which will surely love to professional audio technicians as well as musicians. Our crossover comes with adjustable knobs for the low-mid and also mid-high frequencies along with the mow, mid and high. Our products are compatible with professional DJ equipment and all accessories as well as home audio equipment. Removable rack mounts brackets, VFD spectrum graphic screen, and 110v/220v switchable power source these are some advanced feature of crossover which you will find only on Quality Car Audio. These crossovers are best signal processing protect critical loudspeaker and improve overall system’s efficiency. Our online store has included better and detailed products description that will definitely give you the option to choose perfect equalizer crossover for you. We have the best quality product categories collection of Pyle brand with affordable price which will surely suit your budget. We have free shipping policy around the United States of America, we also have product return policy and we will make every effort to resolve any difficulty you may have because we want our customer satisfied with every purchase.Shop today to get more attractive deals!