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Create a protective barricade between your electronics and dangerous power surges with the help of high-quality surge protector. These are absorbing energy from surges and keep plugging your device into them safe. Our surge protectors are specially designed to protect your electronic device and allow you for long lasting and proper equipment. In addition, it comes with ac plug that noise filters get rid of unwanted radio frequency and disruptive line noise transferred through the electrical of outlets. Surge protection ensures equipment stays safe as well as your power stays clean and any device that plugs into an outlet can benefit from a surge protector. Power conditioner not only protects your valuable equipment but also keep your wiring neat organized. Quality Car Audio offers a wide selection of power strip conditioner; these kinds of mountable power strip contain circuit breakers to avoid damages caused by current overloads. We have a brilliant collection of rack mounts power supply with the best possible price range that will surely suit your budget. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to call us on 718-291-4142 or email us on sales@qualitycaraudio.com our experienced staff will always help you to solve problems and also they help you to choose the right product from according to your needs. Our store located in Brooklyn, New York and we provide free shipping around the USA. We offer the huge discount on every product purchasing that will definitely save your money. Shop online today to get attractive offers and great deals!