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A professional CD player is also essential DJ equipment for any DJ. Whether you are a professional entertainer, a nightclub DJ or just a beginner, good CD player is a must! These kinds of player are extremely popular for the modern entertainer. Generally, most of the DJ’s are looking for a dual CD player which is rack mountable. If you are looking to create your own sound then CD SD mp3 player is the best option. Quality Car Audio store has big categories with the collection of DJ music player as well as digital sampler; that will allow you to cut and play samples and mix on the fly. It comes with 72 seconds total memory over 3 separate memory banks, single and repeat modes, large and stop button for easy operation that will sampler to MIC Input. Input gain, pitch control, level control, pan controls & sampler level this source selector allow you to control mixes like a pro. Now simply rock your music player wherever you are. Our online store has the wide range of professional CD SD Mp3 players. Browse our best categories collection from rack mount professional digital sampler with the top brand like Pyle. If you are looking for DJ equipment accessories like DJ mixer or DJ music player online at affordable prices visit our site surely you will find something. We have best quality products; buy online as per your choice. We offer you the best electronics items and also have a large number of experienced electronic engineers for manufacturing best products. No matter what type of electronics items you need you will find all new and innovative products under one roof at Quality Car Audio. Shop today for attractive offers and great deals on every purchasing with free shipping!